Oils are of course an age old medium, and are perhaps what most people think of when they remember the works of the old masters. Oils can be applied loosely with great freedom of expression and movement, or in a much more refined and detailed way. Either approach generally requires the careful building up of layers allowing drying time in between to ensure against “muddiness”. My oil paintings are painted on stretched cotton canvas or linen. Oils are the medium of choice if a classical feel with rich colours and textures is what you’re looking for.

Gilly, my parents Cocker Spaniel, Oils on linen
Teddy, Oils on canvas
American Beauty (portrait of an American paint horse) Oils on canvas
Merry, Oils on canvas
Wilson, Oils on canvas
The Rock. A beautiful Lakeland Terrier. Oils on canvas
Hector the Persian cat who thinks he’s a dog! Oil on canvas.